Concert Coverage: Tame Impala X White Denim @ the Ogden

Tame Impala at the Ogden Theatre

Tame Impala at the Ogden Theatre

by Sye Sharp and Bernie Clark

We went to a sold out performance featuring Tame Impala and White Denim. Tame Impala has been promoting last year's excellent Lonerism for the past year, and White Denim is releasing their new album Corsicana Lemonade this week (both which you can hear on KRCX).

White Denim is a 4 piece rock group out of Austin, whose sound is predominantly rooted in blues, jam, and indie rock but mixes with all styles from latin to jazz fusion. Their musicianship was unparalleled as they transitioned from song to song flawlessly, without break, and often modulating to a completely different genre, key, and time signature in the blink of an eye. Their stage presence was excellent too, as you could tell they loved playing music with each other and playing just in general. The lead guitarist, who oddly looked and acted like a combination of John McLaughlin from Mahavishnu Orchestra/solo fame and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, was constantly making eye contact with the crowd and making it more a get-together of friends as opposed to a concert. The band was incredibly rhythmically tight and performed great songs, including their new single "Pretty Green".

White Denim's fantastic performance unfortunately went without encore, as the crowd was clamoring to have their impalas tamed. After the laborious process of mad scientists in lab coats setting up Tame Impala's equipment, the band finally graced the stage. Tame Impala honestly wasn't up to par with the hype they have gained in the last year. The first 6 songs were rather lackluster, and it included great songs such as "Desire Be, Desire Go" and "Keep On Lying". The last half of their set was very good though, songs such as "Half Full Glass of Wine" and "Elephant" revived the crowd. Their encore was awesome, the crowd went wild for "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" as expected. But all in all, Tame Impala was good but not great. It was not an incredible experience like many have said, but moments such as them performing "Apocalypse Dreams" remind you why they're as big as they are.