Weekday Wayback: Pavement - Brighten The Corners

This week's Weekday Wayback, Brighten the Corners by Pavement, is undoubtedly worth your time and your ears. For their 1997 release, Pavement decided to take a much more self-aware turn, one of which was definitely needed after their incredible yet ill-received Wowee Zowee. With lyrics like "I'm sick of the forms, I'm sick of being misread by men in dashikis and their leftists weeklies," Stephen Malkmus is obviously very fed up with the over analyzation of his lyrics and even the direction that the music industry was taking. With this turn, Pavement saw an opportunity to show their awareness of the industry turns by releasing a record that was undoubtedly to be successful; Malkmus obviously knew this when he is screaming out "listen to me, I'm on the stereo!" in the first track of the album. Overall, this album is gorgeously filled with mockery, self-awareness, and self reference, leaving it both hilarious and worth your time.