Concert Coverage: Walk The Moon/SmallPOOLS BASEMENT SESSION

by Chris Ripple

Last Tuesday I was able to see Walk The Moon in a very intimate setting. They announced that this tour would be different. They decided to do their shows in very small venues, much smaller than tours they have been on previously. I must say, they absolutely killed it at the Larimer Lounge that night. With the smaller setting the whole concert became a lot more communal. Everyone was constantly dancing and having a blast. Walk The Moon's live performance has definitely improved and is something that you must see. With a new album on the horizon, Walk The Moon's fanbase will most likely continue to grow. The new songs they played at that concert had a pretty sweet vibe to them and it got me stoked for the release. 

Last Thursday we were able to bring in the band Smallpools for an acoustic session and interview. It's safe to say they have personality. The comments they made had me laughing almost the whole time they were down here. Smallpools is one of my favorite bands and having the opportunity to set up a live session with them and then performing an interview was a great experience. I then went to their show at the Bluebird that night and they sure brought it. I've already seen them 3 times (the Bluebird) being my 4th, but with a new album on the rise, a new set, and a new setlist, this performance was a lot more energetic than ones that I had seen in the past. Smallpools continues to rise in my "favorite bands list" as they continue to tour. I'm looking forward to their album which will be coming out sometime in December.

Those two albums are the two albums which I'm looking most forward to in these next few months. As for concerts coming up, I will be trying to make it to Andrew McMahon and Hunter Hunted. Hunter Hunted is an amazing band in my opinion. The music they make has very happy sounding harmonies and melodies. But the biggest events I'll be looking forward to are the releases of the Smallpools and Walk The Moon albums.