Concert Coverage: Ought @ The Savoy 10/9/14

On a rainy October evening, KRCX had the pleasure of interviewing breakout post-punk band Ought at their show at The Savoy. Initially the show was to be held at The Forest Room in Lo Hi, but for unknown reasons was changed to The Savoy. Doubling as an upstairs dance studio, The Savoy was a wonderful, small, artsy little venue filled with interesting and kind people. Ought has been touring in support of their 2014 debut, “More Than Any Other Day”, and in support of their new EP, “Once More With Feeling”. I got a chance to ask them about it before the show, to which they described as “3 old songs and 1 new song, which we wanted to have seen the light of day on More Than Any Other Day, but they didn’t make it on the album.” Ought was a reserved, quiet band, although still kind and rather funny people. In our interview, they talked about ranting about religious billboards, playing Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation" during their drive through Las Vegas, the brilliance of Swans, and how people make bad puns of their band name “too often”.

After the interview, we went back inside The Savoy to watch the rest of the show. Local band Homebody took the stage before Ought to play their kinetic brand of indie rock. Their technicality was unsurpassed, and simply watching them play these complex time signatures flawlessly was entertainment alone. However, they had the songs to match the prowess, and was a fitting opening act.

Ought started their set off with the title track of their album, called “Today, More Than Any Other Day”. After that, the set relied on many of the songs off of the album, but also featured 2 songs off of their upcoming EP. Ought was captivating in a live setting. Although they played a rather short set (due to their ensuing drive to play a show the next night in St. Louis immediately after the end of their show), they made up for it in charisma and a carefully selected setlist that showcased the wide range of the band’s sound. The band was very tight, and a few of the songs sounded different live. For example, “Clarity!” was played far faster, and the energy put in that song live really breathed new life into it.

All in all, Ought is a great new young band that anybody interested in rock music should check out. Featured above is a music video from their new EP, “Once More With Feeling”, on Constellation Records. Also, be sure to check out pictures here or here taken at the show from KRCX’s own Matt Ćubelić!