Tribute to The Allman Brothers Band

by Sye Sharp

Last night, The Allman Brothers Band played their final show. It really does sadden me to say that, and it’s even worse that I never got to see them live. Although I could say a bunch about how this band influenced me as a musician, I’d rather just focus on this particular song. 
    Enter "Mountain Jam”. Yes, it’s a 35 minute jam song. But don’t be so quick to dismiss it; this is a sprawling odyssey of a song. The song is split into two different parts, intersected with a long drum duel. Yes duel, they have two fantastic drummers who absolutely go at it in this song. In addition to that, you have one of the prettiest lead melodies in rock music. It seriously takes you to the mountain where The Allman Brothers are jamming on top of. Their sense of harmonization only makes it better, as the song is filled with beautiful harmonized lead guitars. And let’s not forget about all of the brilliant solos throughout the song. What’s great about The Allman Brothers is that they don’t waste any notes. They make sure to make their solos more than just random noodling and shredding. The focal point of an Allman Brothers solo is that they’re just so melodic and build up incredibly, much like jazz players. 
    The second part is EVEN MORE GORGEOUS, if it was even possible. The driving charge is replaced with a much more relaxed vibe, slowly bringing it down from a swinging groove to the chillest the song can be (Yes I really just said that). I could talk about this song and band all day, but the music can speak to you better than I could. 

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