Chris' Musical Musings

by Chris Ripple

 Sunday night I traveled to the Gothic Theater to see Somekindawonderful, Bad Suns, and New Politics. Somekindawonderful opened up the night and I'll admit, I had no idea who they were until they played their hit song Reverse. I was surprised at the response that they got being an opening band. Lot's of people knew their songs (while I didn't know any) making them a hit. They brought great energy to the stage but in my opinion, a lot of their songs sounded incredibly "average". They did, however, put on a good show and were a great opener for Bad Suns and New Politics.

Bad Suns walked on the stage next and I knew exactly what to expect. I've seen them once before (before their debut album was released) and I didn't know many songs because none of them had actually been released yet. Now, with their album out, and me, being a huge fan of their album, I knew every song. They bring a "cool" aspect to their concerts and they're just fun to groove and vibe along with. 

New absolutely must see live. Their set is absolutely amazing and the energy they bring lights up the venue that they play at. They are constantly jumping around and getting the crowd involved. At one point in the concert, the sound board lost power and they had to improvise for a good 10 minutes. With a drum beat going, the guitarist began to play some crazy guitar riffs while Dave, the lead singer did some break dancing in the middle of the stage. It was absolutely awesome. Later on in the concert, they covered Sabatoge by the Beastie Boys and it was definitely one of the coolest things I've witnessed. New Politics are definitely a great band to see live and I'd recommend them to any music lover. 

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