From Sye's Vault- Vol. I

Electronic music in 2014 is undeniably a global phenomenon. Although many stereotypes of electronic music are in regards to macho frat boys and ecstasy, electronic music started as avant-garde sounds by high concept artists who were trying to break the notion of what could and couldn't be music. Come the 21st century, almost every type of music has been affected by it. One genre of music that is being resuscitated by electronic music is jazz.

With 2014 seeing a high profile mix of jazz and electronic in Flying Lotus' You're Dead, I figured it would be cool to drag up some very low profile electronic jazz. The Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo is a duo of producers who decided to take a different turn with their regular dance music. This music is very largely improvised, and more of sketches as opposed to songs. The album is still groovy and danceable, but it's in a more relaxed, almost spiritual, jazzy style. Here is a song from the album, called "Universe is Love" off of their self titled album, enjoy.



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