The First Aid Kit back in Denver


It has been roughly three years since The First Aid Kit played in Denver. They first appeared on the Ogden stage as the opening band for the Swedish sensation Lykke Li. But after one stellar album release later, the sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg returned to the Ogden Theater as headliners on November 18, 2014, and everything about their performance was perfect. Their opener Samantha Cain “sufficiently warmed” the audience with her humor and charming vocals. Then finally, the folk duo appeared before the cheering crowd with both the girls dressed in gold to showcase their new album Stay Gold. They started off their performance with their first ever single “The Lion’s Roar.” Then they continued with some of their newer songs like “Master Pretender” and “My Silver Lining.”

With their amazing abilities to deliver every song in their register with immense intensity and power, their performance had no shortcomings. The sisters are incredibly talented vocalists, and they demonstrated this by performing two of their popular songs without microphones and only Klara on guitar. Amazingly, the audience stayed quiet throughout their bare-boned performances of “Ghost Town” and “Emmylou”, and their harmonies were outstanding. Those that new the words sang along. In that moment, Johanna and Klara weren’t just performers on a stage, they were your friends just jamming out and having fun.

I remembered seeing the girls perform three years ago, and I didn’t think their live performances could get any better, but I was wrong. The girls have matured and so has their music. But something that hasn’t changed is their ability to connect with their audience. There were several times throughout the show that the girls engaged in conversation with concert goers, joking and telling stories, making everyone love them even more. There was even a moment when Klara smiled at me. When you combine all these elements, there’s no question as to why their concert sold out. The First Aid Kit is just that good. Johanna and Klara are remarkably talented and they are an example to all up and coming folk bands out there. Check out their new album Stay Gold, and be sure to catch their next concert when they roll through Denver. You won’t be disappointed.


By Farnaz Alimehri