Concert Coverage: Deafheaven x SubRosa @ The Marquis Theatre 2/16/14


by Sye Sharp

On Sunday night, coming off of a big 2013, Deafheaven played a sold-out show at The Marquis Theatre to prepare for their 2014 world tour. To support them for these select headlining dates, they personally enlisted SubRosa. The result was a spectacular metal show that had a broad enough appeal to attract many different types of people. To give an example, the person I hung out primarily with, whom I'd just met, was a rap fan who had never listened to any indie or metal and fell in love with Deafheaven after discovering them via them besting Kanye West for Metacritic's album of the year.

SubRosa is an experimental band that implements female harmonies and violinists to create atmosphere that accompanies their heavy sound. The three women who spearhead this band have incredible chemistry together as musicians. Their triple harmonies worked seamlessly, and their aura as people added to the haunting music. The rhythm section helped create the crushingly heavy music that all of the beautiful quiet led to. All in all, it was less of an opener and more of another band playing the same show.

Deafheaven came out with some of the most energy I've ever seen in a band. You can see that they absolutely relish their newfound acclaim from Sunbather, and are working to really prove that they are the real deal. Unlike other bands, say Tame Impala, they can replicate their studio sound in a live setting. What's very interesting to note, is that all of the expansive beauty in their sound simply added to their aggression and energy. The result, was a metal show. That was something nobody was expecting. If you've seen Deafheaven live videos, you'd know that their concerts are more like a My Bloody Valentine show as opposed to a Slayer show. However, by their second song, people were getting rowdy. I eventually crowd surfed multiple times. But it wasn't anything too crazy, and it was honestly one of the most fun shows I've been to in a long while. If you're moderately interested in their sound, I'd recommend seeing it live.