Album Spotlight: Tennis - Ritual in Repeat

 Local superduo Tennis is back with a new album, Ritual in Repeat. This husband and wife musical team brings  the feel of the golden coast to this landlocked state with their surf-rock style and lilting vocal style. A great track off the album is called "Never Work for Free." With its insistant and deep snare hits, repetitive guitar riffs and strong vocals accompanied by staccato oohs and ohs, this track is reminiscent of Cindy Lauper, neon leotards and big hair. You can download it for free at Tennis' website by clicking here. Above is their music video for a gentle, meloncholy song titled "Bad Girls;" it was posted minutes ago, literally, minutes!!! You'll always see it first with KRCX

Tennis will be back in Denver on November 7th for a concert at the Bluebird Theater. Get your tickets here!

John HickeyComment