Album Spotlight: In A Dream - The Juan Maclean

If LCD Soundsystem is your jam, check out The Juan Maclean. John Maclean, the creative force behind this small electronic group, was actually motivated James Murphy of LCD-S to return to music after a slump.  Zander Porter compares this latest album, In A Dream, with the one preceding: "The sound was raw, spacey, and the vocals...brought the “human” in the title’s Less Than Human to a celestial electronic reality. And while that album started the ethereal journey, In a Dream powers those elements into something superhuman." This lengthy track called "A Place Called Space" has a slow build with a steady but not overwhelming beat. The layers of balanced but contrasting melodic lines leave no negative space in which to rest your ear, making this a good song (and music video, for that matter) for those who enjoy constant stimulation of the senses. In a Dream is available now on iTunes, and all week long on KRCX!

-Michelle Bailey