Album Spotlight: New Order - Music Complete

by Chris Ripple

It's safe to say that New Order has seen their fair share of chaos in the music industry. The band formed from the scraps of the punk band Joy Division. In May of 1980, Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division committed suicide. The band decided that they would carry on after Curtis' death but they would do so under a different name and New Order came into existence. The band released album after album and even recorded the official song for the English National Football Team in 1990. After the album "Republic" in 1993, the band broke up in order for the members to put more time into their side projects. They got back together in 1998 releasing a few singles and followed them up with a new album in 2005. Shortly after, they released "Singes" which featured their greatest hits. The band broke up again in 2007 due to complications with their bassist, Peter Hook. In 2011, the band announced that they would begin touring again and played their first show since 2006 in Paris. The band toured into 2012 and then released the album "Lost Sirens" in 2013. They continued to tour and soon announced that they would be working on a new album for 2015. On September 22nd, the band released "Music Complete". The album, produced mainly on their own, features a new side of New Order in which they embrace the electronic side of music while sticking true to their musical roots. The album is musically consistent and truly is an album that can be listened to all the way through multiple times in one sitting. Singles like "Tutti Frutti" and "Plastic" suggest that the band has really started to dig some music that they can dance to while they perform live. "Music Complete" seems to fit the bill for classic New Order, which through the chaos of their musical journey have managed to find their harmony again through this release.