Concert for a Cause Exceeds Goal in Support for Childhood Cancer Treatment

Common Core performing their last song beside impromptu dance party.  Photography by Natalie Doggett

Common Core performing their last song beside impromptu dance party. Photography by Natalie Doggett

The night of Saturday, November 22 showcased musical talents from across the Regis community in support of both The Pinky Swear and Love Your Melon foundations. The event, Concert for a Cause, exhibited a slew of musical performers amongst the Mountain View Room filled with student and staff spectators. With 14 performances total, the variety of sound ranged from a singular Regina Spektor cover to a Rachmoninov piano piece to a combined teacher-student rockband to end the evening. Though the concert itself was free, a bucket was passed through the audience between sets to collect donations. Setting the goal at $1000, the event had, by the end of the two hour perfomance, exceeded expectations by 11$ for a total of $1011. The proceeds will aid families struggling with childhood cancer. Organized by a team of students led by senior Zoe Vlastos, the event marked it’s fourth year from its orginin in the Walker’s Pub. Graduating this December, Vlastos offered KRCX her thoughts on her last Concert for a Cause, “I am forever grateful to Regis for giving me the space to create Concert for a Cause, for awing me with the talent, generosity, and kindness of its students, faculty, and community, and for reminding me of the beauty, love, and compassion of humanity.” The concert ended with a spontaneous dance party during an encore performance by Common Core, the student and teacher superband that closed the event. 

Mar Lonsway