After receiving a slightly disappointing email from the band the night before the concert telling me that they weren't going to be able to do an acoustic set at Regis, I was, suffice to say, pretty bummed out; that turned around immediately when I arrived at the Bluebird to see Kelsey Wilson (the lead singer and violin player) standing outside the venue. Obviously, I ran up and started talking to her. After apologizing for missing out on the acoustic set because of a sore throat, she exclaimed how stoked she was that I could be at the show for the station, and asked if I wanted her to get anyone else onto the list, as it was a sold out show. Fast forward to the set and I was absolutely blown away. You never really know what to expect in terms of the energy at folkish shows, but they absolutely controlled the audience throughout the entire set, keeping everyone dancing and on their toes. Even with their proclivity towards terribly depressing lyrics, their pop-folk style and Alexander on the ukelele kept the emotions light and the spirits high. If you haven't checked them out, I cannot recommend it enough and definitely urge you to try to catch them live at some point in your life! 

Here's one of my favorites by them, Left Behind