Chris' Musical Musings

by Chris Ripple

Tons of new music has come out recently I have been extremely happy with all of the releases. Muse has released a couple new singles including this one Big Data has also released a new album in which they feature a different artist in every single song. The album is extremely interesting to listen to all the way through , with my favorite song being Get Some Freedom, featuring Dragonette. You can listen to the whole album here Florence + The Machine also has a new song out called St Jude. Listen to that one here 

Twenty One Pilots has a brand new song out entitled "Fairly Local". Although it's not one of my favorite songs, lots of people love this song. Twenty One Pilots has the same message in most of their songs though and Fairly Local stays consistent with this message. Listen to Fairly Local here

Smallpools has released their first album and it is about time! The wait has been incredibly long but it was definitely worth the wait. After seeing them over 3 times I already knew most of the songs but there were some pretty great new songs that came out with the album. Make sure you listen to their album here

Of Monsters and Men has a new song out entitled Crystals. This song is absolutely incredible. I really lobe this song. It has some classic Of Monsters and Men mixed with a brand new sound. It's slowly becoming one of my favorite Of Monsters and Men songs, listen to it here

Other new releases include:


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