Sadly, this was not the view of Tunde that I got last night at TV on the Radio at the Ogden. Instead of being able to get up close and personal like I did at Riot Fest, I found myself crammed in on the upper level just trying to get a glimpse of the band. With that being said, this concert was still one of the most extraordinary shows that I have ever attended. Leave it to TV on the Radio to bring an unheard amount of energy onto the stage and into their music. At an obviously sold out show, they had every person at the Ogden tiring themselves out with their dancing and transfixed by the always spectacular light show that accompanies their music. After playing a large amount of their most recent album, Seeds, they all came back on stage for an energetic encore. My night was made once I realized that the final song that they were to play was the very same song that got me into them as a high schooler, Staring at the Sun. All of this to say that if you get the chance to ever see this band live, do not pass it up.