The Neighbourhood Concert Review

Photo by: Grant Mühlstein (KRCX)

Photo by: Grant Mühlstein (KRCX)

by Grant Muehlstein

The Neighborhood brought their black and white aesthetics to the Ogden Theater this past Tuesday.  The crowds restlessness finally subsided when The Neighborhood boys from California took the stage.  Frontman, Jesse Rutherford, kept the energy level high from the beginning with songs such as Prey, Let It Go, and Afraid.  Rutherford sported a very feminine wardrobe with shaggy blonde hair, perhaps channeling his inner Kurt Cobain.  The crowd roared with approval as the band transitioned into playing their biggest hit, Sweater Weather.  The most exciting moment of the set came during their final song, R.I.P. 2 MY Youth.  The song was accompanied by their recently released music video.

It was an absolute pleasure seeing The Neighbourhood live for a second time.  The sold out crowd definitely got their moneys worth.  The show also provided everyone with a terrible case of post concert sadness.  The future looks bright for the young lads out of California.

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