Album Spotlight: Another One - Mac DeMarco

It’s an obvious one, but Mac DeMarco’s Another One is my favorite release of the summer.  The mini-album/maxi-EP is strategically charting at CMJ this week as summer draws to an end, and still lingering in my head is the descending synth motif. Its irresistible melancholy signals a coming down. Coming down from a relationship, coming down from the previous album’s precarious hype, and the songwriting of the title track “Another One” evokes a woundedness that seems to offer this generation’s equivalent of the jazz standard. Resolving in optimistic wistfulness is the second-to-last track “Without Me”. The lines of the second verse are a beautiful and selfless punctuation to any ‘end’.

“Will she/ find love again/tomorrow/I don’t know/I hope so.”

The much-talked-about final track features some watery sloshing and compelling minimal synth noodling reminiscent of Boards of Canada. The water is likely to evoke Mac’s new address in Rockaway Beach, which, if you’ve heard anything about this album, you know that at the end of the track, he literally just gives you his exact address. So a la Mac DeMarco, if you want to have a cup of coffee with the manager of a college radio station, walk on down to 4815 Osceola St. Denver, Colorado.