Fun in the Sun: Summer 2015 Faves from KRCX Staff!

    This Summer I had the opportunity to go to BottleRock Music Festival in Napa California where I got to see artists like Imagine Dragons, No Doubt, Robert Plant, Foster The People, Passion Pit, Snoop Dogg, Cage The Elephant, and many, many more. This 3 day music festival was definitely the musical highlight of my Summer. It was an experience like no other, being able to see all of these big name bands at one music festival. In my opinion the band that put on the best show was Imagine Dragons. The musical talent mixed with their ability to interact with the crowd made fora hell of a show. But so many other artists were also so amazing it was hard not to walk around and be pulled into the crowd at another stage where another band was killing it on stage. BottleRock is a fairly new music festival, and for anyone that loves a good music festival I encourage you to look into it for next year. You can find the lineups for previous years and updates for the upcoming year on the website here:

Chris Ripple

    Going to Pitchfork Festival has become one of my favorite summer rituals. It would be too difficult to choose on performance as my favorite, but the set that surprised me the most was from Courtney Barnett. Waxahatchee played a pretty forgettable set before Barnett on the headlining stage on the last day of the festival in Union Park. Lead Singer, Katie Crutchfield, has a great voice, but her band really didn’t have anything musically exciting to offer the exhausted crowd standing around in a swamp of mud (from the torrential downpour the day before that postponed the festival). I had not heard much about Courtney Barnett’s live performance besides Crutchfield highlighting her struggle with self-consciousness on stage in interviews, which was nowhere to be seen. Barnett played a kick ass set showcasing her latest record, Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit.


Connor McNeir


    After a month at home following my return from studying abroad in Costa Rica, my summer was jam-packed. I spent nine weeks, again, taking summer classes here at Regis. Thankfully, one weekend I had tickets to the U2 Concert that I attended with Farnaz, our former GM. After summer school ended, I spent time with my family on vacation and crossed paths once again with Farnaz, this time in DC. This summer flew right by, but it is good to be back here at Regis and KRCX. 

Left to Right: Farnaz Alimehri and Natalie Doggett 

Left to Right: Farnaz Alimehri and Natalie Doggett 

Natalie Doggett



    I had an extremely busy summer this year, and thus, I only was able to go to one show this summer. Luckily, the show happened to be the outrageously stacked Low End Theory Festival 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, which featured headlining artists Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, and Thundercat. Unlike most festivals nowadays, this festival was only a single day; and honestly, that’s all it needed to be. 

Sye Sharp