Regis Student Colin Martin Drops Latest EP: Caterpillar Willow

KRCX's own Kansas City heartthrob Colin Martin has just released his latest EP Caterpillar Willow, an awe-inspiring compilation of songs and sounds.  A short yet sweet set list of handwritten ballads make this EP nothing less than exceptional. Euphonious acoustic sounds with soft and romantic lyrics written by Martin himself are accentuated by  Dan Dwyer and his magical trumpet, another Regis University musical talent.  In the track "Chronophobia," Martin paves sweet-sounding melodies with his deeply toned voice and soft acoustic guitar, and in the single, "Caterpillar Willow" a silvery and somewhat somber number, evokes a deep personalized quality. These songs were a personal highlight of the EP yet all tunes ride that fine line between good and great, that Martin walks with almost all of his music. 

Martin owes the musical influence of these tracks to artists such as Telemuse, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Local Natives, and the list goes on, but we can see where is sound has taken root.  He began playing guitar at the age of 16, teaching himself most of what he knows and with the musical influence of his older brother Liam, a senior at Regis University.

A Bonner Springs native, Colin draws inspiration from life in Lake of the Forest, gathering his tools for songwriting and burgeoning an interest in Environmental Science, his major at Regis University.  Martin is not currently taking any music courses but plans on working some into his future at the university. However, Colin took a printmaking course in which he created the cover art for this release. (seen below)


Colin Martin is a very talented guy, his hard work and attention to detail in each track of this release.  Yet he remains a humble friend. In my interview with him he said, "The most significant part of my career has been the many great ways in which the music has connected with friends, strangers and all those in between."

Martin not only exceeds in showcasing his artistic talents through this recorded EP but is a fantastic live performer who is able to bring the same soothing and intricate sounds we all love so much to cafes and venues all around Denver and elsewhere. He has shown the world his talent in venues such as Kansas City’s Riot Room, Rock the Point and Czar Bar, as well as his regular Denver haunts, The Highlands Cork & Cafe and The Gypsy House Cafe. His acoustic sound is difficult to keep out of your head but why would you want it anywhere else? He’s a natural talent with a distinct sound that keeps you wanting more. Fortunately, you can check out the rest of his discography here, on Bandcamp.

Carmen Adams. 19’