Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Frank McGill, English Department


We're finally getting around to starting this new regular feature for our website. The gist being this: a faculty member from a given academic department will answer a series of questions about music and their experiences with it.

Our first installment highlights Dr. McGill of the English department whose classes focus on "the ways that we represent the natural world and our relationship to it, and the implications of such literary representations for our own behavior in the world and towards all who inhabit it."

What's the first album you bought?
Boston self titled, 1976

Who was your first concert?
Billy Joel, I think, circa 1981. We Long Islanders loved him long before the rest of you did.

Who is an artist you enjoyed listening to when you were in college?
Johnny Clegg (Go listen to him now!); New Order ("Blue Monday", "Age of Consent", "Bizarre Love Triangle")

Do you play any instruments?
I am an enthusiastic and untrained djembe (west African drum) player.

Song You Can't Not Sing Along to/Go to Karaoke Song
"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

Odious Song/Artist You Just Can't Stand
You know—her. Oh, and him too.

For more about classes he teaches and works he has published, check out his faculty bio on the main Regis website.

Natalie Doggett