Album Spotlight: Return to Love by LVL UP

"The Closing Door" from the LVL UP album Return to Love (release date: September 23rd, 2016) 

This week's album spotlight is LVL UP's third studio album and their SUB POP debut, Return to Love. The band formed in 2011 at SUNY Purchase with the intention to record and release a split cassette with bassists Nick Corbo's then solo material. Instead, the band released their first album, Space Brothers, as one band. "Hidden Driver" is the first track off the album, which sets a perpetuating tone that does not stop moving forward. The album continues right where the band left off with their 2014 release, Hoodwink'd, with a new confidence that can be heard in their unassuming guitars and vocals. You can catch LVL UP at the Hi-Dive on October 26, 2016.