Album Spotlight: Sunlit Youth by Local Natives

New Local Natives this week! Sunlit Youth is their third studio album following their 2013 release, Hummingbird. Sunlit Youth strays away from the darker, complex themes of their previous albums, and explores a more positive outlook for the future.  Here is what guitarist Ryan Hahn had to say about their new release:

A lot of the excitement in making this new album came from discovering how to make songs in different ways. You start thinking, “What do I want to hear?” Forget about what we’ve done and what people expect. This is a song that I would want to hear. Lyrically, “Villainy” is about realizing that you have the ability to change your situation, that you can start again everyday. We applied that to how we made music this time around. We wanted all the new songs to have a different energy, to challenge ourselves to do something different each time. - Pitchfork