Album Spotlight: In Mind by Real Estate

"Darling" from Real Estate's album, In Mind, out March 17, 2017 on Domino.

This week's Album Spotlight comes from one of the most successful and acclaimed indie rock bands from the past decade, Real Estate. Since their 2014 release, Atlas, there have been a few changes to the band including the replacement of Matt Mondanile, who left to lead his project Ducktails, with Julian Lynch. Also, keyboardist Matt Kallman was added to the group before recording In Mind. Real Estate has spent years developing their easily identifiable laid-back guitar sound. These recent band changes have seemed to push the band further towards Martin Courtney's lead which he displayed on his solo project album, Many MoonsCourtney's lyrics paint a similar picture seen on previous records of the anxieties of living in a lethargic suburban town, but he does so without the cohesiveness that once seemed effortless for Real Estate. Nevertheless, In Mind certainly should find its place on your summer playlist.