Basement Sessions with Ron Beatty

On Friday November 9th, KRCX had the pleasure of hosting hip hop artist Ron Beatty for a live basement session/ interview. From the moment Beatty walked into the station, he had an open and friendly demeanor and was ready to talk about music, college, and pursuing passions. He started by telling us a little background information- he’s originally from North Carolina, and he lives in Atlanta, Georgia now. His music has been the center of his life, but another project he’s been working on lately has been a documentary about local BBQ restaurants + local craft brews and the history/ struggles of such businesses.

Beatty’s new album is anticipated to drop in the next month. He mentioned how a lot of his music is inspired by the city, and he called the new album “reminiscent of OutKast/ Southern rappers.” He talked about how his new music has evolved from the style he started with, which he described as “more gritty hip hop.” He did mention that he still adds some grit to the sound of his work to make it not synthetic, as opposed to just looping. He stressed how it’s important to develop a unique sound but also vary it and “not box yourself - make all types of records but keep your style.”

Beatty also did a fantastic job of authentically reaching out to a college age audience, which he mentioned was one of his favorite parts of traveling to promote his music. He values meeting with college students because he feels it’s so vital to connect with young people to build up as an artist. He mentioned his own journey and talked about post grad-expectations after graduating with a B.A. in finance. Beatty did the business side of things and got a corporate job, but he emphasizes living out passions and how his main purpose of that job was to have extra money to spend towards his music career before he full-time pursued music. He asked us as an audience to really think about our passions, how we plan to leave here to make an impact, and if we feel stuck, which are all relatable topics to talk to college students about. The advice he said that most resonated with me was, “As long as you’re doing what you wanna do that’s what matters because the reward comes from you doing what you want.”

Beatty himself worked at a college radio station, and inspired KRCX to continue to market our unique sound. Beatty remarked, “You gotta know what you stand for and what your values are for a good radio station.” He also mentioned how, from a musician’s point of view music is the byproduct of what you are selling.

At the end of the interview, Beatty opened the discussion up to the audience and gladly took any questions. One question I remember was how he knew when his music was complete, and his answer was pretty insightful and applicable to other areas of life- “Do I wanna get it perfect or do I wanna put it out?” He wrapped things up by talking about his bittersweet relationship with music. Even though he wants to continue to pursue larger audiences than he has so far, he’s so grateful for the connections he’s made. Beatty had an awesome closing perspective:

“It’s sweet, but it’s not over. You can’t lose a race you are still running in.”

Hearing Ron Beatty talk was a really inspirational time, and it reminded me(and I’m sure the rest of KRCX too) to just be thankful, pursue my passions, and to continue to build community through our station.

To best stay updated with Ron Beatty’s upcoming work, follow him on Instagram @rockyrunron or Twitter @ronbeattync.

Ron, we are so glad you took the time to hang out with us at KRCX, and we can’t wait to see the places you go from here! :)

-Bella Cistaro

KRCX Marketing Team