Table Talk! Episode 1: Discussing Disability with Lucy Roucis from Phamaly

Podcast Timeline and Topics

1:00 minutes: Introduction to Phamaly Theatre Company.

2:00 minutes: Disability around Regis

-what the clubs around campus could be doing

*5::00 minutes: Accessibility on campus

*6:00 minutes: How far society and has been for a while

-how KRCX can offer a platform to

6:30 minutes: Lucy’s career and how she got into acting

-beginnings in high school and Lucy went to Loretto Heights College to study acting

-worked with the Radio City Rockets

9:30 minutes: The complexities and repercussions of casting able-bodied actors

10:45 minutes: Stigma

11:30 minutes: Disability performing arts rely heavily on casting offices and the industry to check their stigma

11:45 minutes: Lucy’s best casting experience and her journey to contact Anne Hathaway

14:10 minutes: Lucy’s connection and collaboration with Anne Hathaway

-16:40 minutes: Showin’ off her disability :)

17:45: Phamaly announced their season for 2019

-3 local projects in Denver: 1. Morph Masters a performance for school 2. The anthology of Phamaly is coming up 3. Phamaly is hosting a playwriting festival where disabled folks are invited to bring in their plays to be edited and some will

21:00 minutes: My take and how the sheer existence of Phamaly has opened my eyes.

-How Phamaly started

-Performance halls and stage accessibility

24:00 minutes: Moving forward past disability

25:00 minutes: Discussing disability and Lucy’s tough skin