KRCX Wants to Exent an Invitation to ALL Students, and Create an Inclusive Safe Space


Our fearless leader and General Manager, Dan Costello, leads the KRCX team and programing to welcome all students to seek the radio station as a safe haven; we love this place and feel safe to be ourselves here and you should too!! Please take the time to read our perpetual goals create a loving, compassionate and inclusive campus. Thank you and hope y'all feel the love through our airwaves :)

At KRCX, we believe that good media begins with diversity. At our radio station we welcome with open arms people of all races, ethnicities, orientations, identities, classes and abilities. We want our comfortable space, to become a comfortable and safe space for anyone who needs it. Whether it be facing day to day oppressions on campus, or needing a location to have safe and uninterrupted dialogue with others, KRCX radio supports these communities.

The efforts to make our studio and meeting rooms safe spaces is a long term, continuous goal because we believe that a safe space needs to consistently be informed and kept up to date on what people from different communities need to feel safe.

The first step is getting the word out to the Regis community, to achieve this we will be starting to post all of our office hours on our website so people know when they can just walk in to our studio and meeting room uninterrupted, and we will also keep phone numbers on file for people to call if they need to be let in at other hours of the day and night.

Accumulating resources for these groups in order to maintain a safe space at the radio, will require feedback and so we will also be encouraging people to send emails with any feedback and resources that can help aid the space. We will also be reaching out to the Diversity and Inclusion office for more help with resources. KRCX employees and new hires will be strongly encouraged to go through safe zone training or the necessary training in order to maintain the integrity of the radio as a safe space.

We believe that the diversity of opinions and experiences is what creates beauty in our world and we want to support in any way we can, the people who aren’t always given the chance to be behind the microphone.

John HickeyComment