Bass Physics: Insider Look on a Musical Life


Thanks to the connecting efforts of Arise music festival and Feyline Events/Management, we were able to get exclusive an inside look into the career and life of a brightly rising Colorado artist, Bass Physics (Arja Adair). Bass Physics is a Denver based producer who blends electronic rock, soulful funk, hip-hop and melodic bass to fabricate a unique sound which touches audiences emotionally. He will be performing alongside Pretty Lights at his destination festival, ‘Island of Light.’ Check out Bassphysics at Here is the exclusive Bass Physics interview.

1. Briefly describe your path to getting to where you are in music.



Lots of sitting at home and making music, struggling on the road, and networking with the right people!


2. How has the Denver scene contributed to your music career?


the Denver music scene is like nowhere else in the USA, there are so many opportunities to play music in Denver. The community here really opens up to new artists, and so do all the established artists as well. It's great to have lots of friends in the music business willing to help you succeed.


3. What has been your greatest challenge so far? Briefly describe it.


Pushing through all the hard times and people telling you your music or performance isn't good enough. realizing that making music is about making yourself and others happy, not making money.


4. Do you have anything to say to upcoming artists?

Just keep grinding and finding your own unique sound, never try to sound like someone else so much that you lose your own taste!


5. Do you have an ultimate direction for this project? Where would you like to see it go further down the road?


I want to headline Red Rocks and sell out a national tour, eventually going overseas and touring as well. Ultimately, I love making music and I want to use this to teleport me all over the world, living life to the fullest.


6. Where have you toured so far? Where have you not been but would like to go?

I have played in almost every major city in the United States, a few shows in the virgin islands, as well as Vancouver Island. I would love to tour Asia.


7. What are some major influences in your music? (Musical influences and influences outside of music that contribute to your work)

In 2008 I saw Sound Tribe Sector 9 at red rocks, I really loved what they were doing with the electronic Jam. Hunter Brown's guitar really caught my ear and I wanted to try to make something similar. Along with pretty lights, gramatik, griz, and bassnectar, Im inspired by more modern artists such as Odesza, Kasbo, Illenium, Said the Sky, Omega... the list goes on



8. Is there any type of movement or message you hope to convey with music as a medium?

Anything is possible.