Skydyed: Inspiration and Insight into the Musical Life


KRCX is proud to be able to provide another exclusive interview with an incredible and unique band, Skydyed. Skydyed is an emerging trio hailing from Fort Collins. The trio features Andrew Slattery on bass synths and bass guitars, Max Doucette on guitar and keys, and Craig Babineau on drums. Their work bridges the gap between EDM and live instrumentation and it stems from such deep roots as rock, funk, and jazz. Beyond playing at Arise they have played a sold out Bluebird Theatre with RJD2 and were featured at last years ‘Feed the Rocks.’ Listen to Skydyed for free on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Here are the exclusive interview questions with Skydyed and Bass Physics.

1. Briefly describe your path to getting to where you are in music?

Max: We’ve all been playing music since we were kids. Andrew and I started making music together right after high school in a different band but after both moving to Colorado we started making what would eventually be the first released Skydyed songs in our college dorm rooms. Eventually we linked up with our previous drummer Shane Eagen and later on Craig. It’s been a steady grind ever since.




2. How has the Denver scene contributed to your music career?

Max: It really helps that there’s a big “scene” here for our style, more so than a lot of other regions of the country. It’s great having so many contemporaries in the area and it’s also where we linked up with our management who have done a lot for us over the years.



3. What has been your greatest challenge so far? Briefly describe it?

Max: I think the departure and subsequent passing of our previous drummer Shane Eagen was definitely the hardest time for the band. Craig did a great job stepping up and filling the role but Shane’s death definitely set us back a bit emotionally.


4. Do you have anything to say to upcoming artists?

Max: It’s important to find a good balance of treating your art like it’s a business. You won’t succeed if you’re just making music and twiddling your thumbs on the side, but you also need to remember to put time into your art and not just spam people on facebook or whatever.


5. Do you have an ultimate direction for this project? Where would you like to see it go further down the road?

Max: Obviously we would like to take this as far as we can. I’d like to get big enough that we can eventually create an expanded 7+ member band or some sort of “Skydyed Orchestra” and tour internationally. Another goal is to eventually be able to start a non-profit associated with the band and use our musical influence to do some tangible good for the world.


6. Where have you toured so far? Where have you not been but would like to go?

Max: At this point we’ve covered most of the midwest and south, but we’d really like to hit the northeast soon as that’s where we all grew up and seem to already have a solid following in the area thanks to friends and family. Playing the west coast would be really awesome too.


7. What are some major influences in your music? (Musical influences and influences outside of music that contribute to your work)

Max: I think collectively speaking we’re all influenced by a lot of the early “electro-soul” artists to break out like Pretty Lights and Michal Menert as well as a lot of various funk artists. Personally I’m also very influenced by a lot of different world music, rock bands, and the more “psychedelic” sounding electronic artists. Non-musically speaking I think nature and love are powerful forms of inspiration for music.


8. Is there any type of movement or message you hope to convey with music as a medium?

Max: I mean basically just be nice to each other and let’s try to not kill this planet. We could go deeper than that I guess but that’s the short version.