Album Spotlight: "Bad Orange" by Reliant Tom

About The Artist:

Reliant Tom is an Avant pop and performance art duo from New York. Claire Cuny is a choreographer and vocalist and Monte Weber is a composer. The most marked difference between Reliant Tom and similar acts such as Portishead and Bjork is their inclusion of wearable technology and modern dance. I encourage all appreciators of this band to also watch their music videos on Youtube, which are some of the best directed and edited pieces I have seen by a group this new.

About The Album:

This week’s album spotlight is a despondent number by Avant Pop duo Reliant Tom called “Bad Orange”. A combination of passionate female vocals and intense instrumentation makes this album a truly great experience. The voice of Claire Cuny pairs perfectly with Monte Weber’s composition style. The overall tone of the album drifts between cool synth pop and jarring, glitchy trip-hop. Overall an excellent album despite losing some of its intensity in the latter half.

John HickeyComment