Album Spotlight: "Mirage" by Sam Valdez

About the Artist:

Sam Valdez is a classically trained violinist, Los Angeles singer and song writer, who draws her inspiration from a mixture of shoe-gazing and vintage Americana indie folk. She performed in many other bands before finding the creativity within herself and becoming a confident soloist in 2017. She was raised on the edge of the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada and accredits this fact as a major influence on her writing and composing style. Through her cinematic resonance and euphoric arrangements she brings forward the solidarity of the desert.

About the Album:

This weeks album spotlight is a euphoric, dream-like album that Sam Valdez uses to tell and weave a beautiful tale of an undying love. This album has a summer day vibe to it, drawing you further into the kaleidoscopic dream it creates within the minds-eye. The hypnotic vocals and the Americana vibes tie all together to portray a vivid image of a desert at dusk, bursting with life and color at the days last light.

John HickeyComment