CONCERT COVERAGE: JID, Saba, Mereba, & Deante Hitchcock @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 6/09/19

Hip-hop is alive and well in 2019, and thanks to JID and his crew of incredible talent, those of us in Denver had the pleasure of witnessing an amazing show on the night of Sunday, June 9th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. The anticipation and excitement were high as fans filtered into the theatre for the sold out concert that would shortly begin. Deante Hitchcock, an Atlanta rapper, began the night with a short but sweet set that got the crowd raring to hear more. Next out was Mereba, whose dazzling southern hip-hop infused R&B enthralled members of the audience. She performed wonderful renditions of tracks from her latest album such as, “Kinfolk” and “Sandstorm.” Shortly after, Saba blessed the stage with an LED sign reading “CARE” as his backdrop, referencing his latest album CARE FOR ME. Saba’s energy was through the roof as he delivered back-to-back hits such as, “BROKEN GIRLS,” “LIFE,” and “Westside Bound 3.” Each song performance was more phenomenal than the last, as Saba’s positive energy and crowd-interaction was captivating.

Finally, the headlining act of the night, JID, exploded onto the stage followed by an enormous roar from the audience. Everyone one in the room was geared up to hear the Atlanta rapper’s rapid and heady lyricism. The recent Dreamville signee delivered bangers such as “151 Rum,” “Westbrook,” and “Off Deez,” the latter which features his new label’s fearless leader, J. Cole. Although JID is mainly known for his briskly-paced rapping style, he was also unafraid to display some of his softer cuts like, “All Bad” which featured a duet from Mereba.

Deante Hitchcock, Mereba, SABA, and JID all sent Denver fans on a wild ride through the culminations of Hip-Hop.

- Harkaran (Neko) Sooch