Uproot your life

Uproot Your Life is a podcast series, hosted by Trevor Pyle and Gavin Susalski, interviewing Denver Community members working in sustainability, permaculture, and paradigm altering perspectives. Each episode features a different local guest to talk about the work in their individual fields and provide insight on how to implement this into your own life. New episodes twice a month, Tuesday’s at 7 PM.


Episode 1 : We got the Juice : Mike Wird : February 12, 2019

Mike Wird is a Denver native, rapper, permaculture practitioner, ecological architect, and entrepreneur. In this episode we talk to Mike about his life in Denver and the hip/hop community and how that led him to working with permaculture and earthships, as well as how to implement this into our own lives.

Episode 2 : Fermentasia : Asia Dorsey : February 26, 2019

Asia Dorsey is an herbalist, permaculture teacher, owner of Five Points Fermentation, dream listener, academic, and Denver native. In this episode we talk about her journey navigating a life of activism and focusing that energy through an understanding of herbalism and alchemy to help us better understand our bodies and how we interact with the world.