Weekday Wayback: INXS- Kick

My taste in music features influences from both of my parents, which is reflected in this Weekday Wayback. Among the myriad collection of CDs my mother has passed down to me are two albums by INXS including Kick. Released in 1987,  this album performed well around the world and resulted in four US Top 10 Singles as well as reaching Platinum Certification six times. Upbeat tracks like "New Sensation" and "Devil Inside" make you want to get up and dance. Those tracks pose a stark contrast to "Never Tear Us Apart" that lets Michael Hutchence's soulful vocals and Kirk Pengilly's somber saxophone playing demand your attention (and maybe a box of tissues too). One of my favorites is "Mystify", the video for which is featured above. All and all, Kick is a solid record that showed the world what INXS could do and for which I have my mother to thank for passing along to me.

Natalie Doggett

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