Weekday Wayback: Kate Bush- Hounds of Love


Kate Bush. Where to begin? Hounds of Love, released in 1985, was her fifth album and a return to success after her previous album, The Dreaming, didn't do so well in her native Britain or the United States. The amazing thing about Hounds of Love is that it's secretly two albums in one, what I mean is that side 1 (when it was released on vinyl back in the day) is Hounds of Love while side 2 is The Ninth Wave, which is a conceptual piece about a person lost in their thoughts at night, floating alone in the water. How awesome is that? Extremely awesome! The track "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" feels all the more relevant in light of Tuesday. "Cloudbusting" is another wonderful song that also lets her ethereal vocals shine. As a whole, this album is orchestral and majestic, which comes from Bush's dedication to mixing in traditional Irish instruments in addition to piano, synthesizer, and layered vocals. Kate Bush is a talented musician so I hope that this Weekday Wayback serves as a encouragement to our readers to check out more of her work.

Natalie Doggett

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