Weekday Wayback: Pet Shop Boys- Please

Released in 1986, Please is one hell of a debut album. Incorporating elements of techno pop of the decade, the Pet Shop Boys found a way of distinguishing themselves from their contemporaries, their talent for lyric writing. In addition, Neil Tennant's vocals work with the instrumentation of each track to develop its own aesthetic. "Suburbia" demonstrates this with darker synth work that combines with Tennant's somber vocals to create a haunting track imploring the listener to "take a run with the dogs tonight." The repetition of upbeat synth motifs in "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" and Tennant's crooning vocals lull the listener into a catatonic, capitalistic trance. Fun fact: the title of the album was chosen so when people went to their record store (remember when that was still a thing?) to buy the album they would have to ask, "Can I have the Pet Shop Boys album, "Please"?" Those clever guys! 

Natalie Doggett

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