Weekday Wayback: Sandy Bull - Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo

Released in 1963, Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo was Sandy Bull's first studio release. Bull, an obscure yet remarkable artist, was a folk-revivalist whose influence on the coming decades of music cannot be overlooked. Sandy Bull was one of the first musicians to pioneer the realm of psychedelic sounds after taking influence from various world musics. Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo remains an immaculate fusion of Eastern and Western musics and marked the birth of American-primitivism. Start to finish, the album is composed of progressive and improvised jams which incorporate Bull's take on classical pieces, American blues, and Indian music.  "Blend", the first track on Side-A,  can be described as a jazz-folk raga and takes the listener on an emotional twenty-two minute journey that is truly a product of genius. 

William Martin

John HickeyComment