Weekday Wayback: Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures

Best known for its album cover that has been spoofed in various iterations across hundreds of t-shirts, Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division is so much more and as such deserves to be recognized for its musical merits. Produced by Martin Hannett, this album truly showcases the talents of each band member. Many bands of this era called themselves punk rock, but none of them exemplify the ethos as well as Joy Division does with each song showcasing a collective effort from all members. For example, tracks like "She's Lost Control" demonstrate this dynamic , the chaotic sound of the guitar along with the combination of bass and drums complement the disorder of the lyrics, which Curtis was inspired to write following the death of a close friend from epilepsy. Sadly Unknown Pleasures was only one of two albums within their ouevre before Curtis tragically died at only 23. From the ashes of Joy Division, the remaining members soldiered on taking their music to a new dimension as New Order. 

Natalie Doggett

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