Weekday Wayback: Love - Forever Changes

This weeks Thanksgiving Weekday Wayback is Forever Changes by Love. This extremely influential album is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week so I thought it would be fitting for the Wayback. Love is an acoustic psychedelic group that started during the counterculture (hippie) movement of the 60's that is considered to be one of the most important psychedelic groups of the era. Their third album Forever Changes is regarded as a classic and is ranked as the 40th greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine and it truly feels that way. The album reflects on the hippie movement in a contemplative way, discussing how the "flower power" ideals of the time would not solve all of the worlds problems. The group went on to inspire the likes of Jimi Hendrix in style and some musicality as well as more modern groups such as the Shins. Definitely check this album out, it's a good time!

Gavin Susalski

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