Weekday Wayback: Fleetwood Mac- Rumours

This classic of an album turned 40 just a few days ago. Written and recorded during a tumultuous period for the band, Rumours saw the outpouring of some of the songs Fleetwood Mac is best known for today. Every track highlights the vulnerabilities the members of the band were feeling in their relationships. "Dreams" written by Stevie Nicks laments "players only love you when they're playing". "Go Your Own Way" is Lindsey Buckingham's response to Nicks, as the couple were in a rough patch in their relationship, which eventually culminated in a divorce. Interestingly, the members of the band didn't realize they were writing such personal songs about each other until they convened in the recording studio to lay down the tracks. Despite the rifts in their personal relationships, Fleetwood Mac came together to write "The Chain". Rumours is an album of tremendous musicality from start to finish with incredibly tender lyrics that demand to be heard all the way through.

Natalie Doggett

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