Weekday Wayback: Blondie- Parallel Lines

There's just something so wonderful about Debbie Harry. Who wouldn't want to be her? Parallel Lines was Blondie's third album; it was released in 1978. With this album, the band finally achieved commercial success in the United States. Parallel Lines marks a departure from the post-punk sound that the band used to establish themselves as regulars in the CBGB lineup. Opening with a strong cover of "Hanging on the Telephone", their post-punk roots shine through, which carry over into "One Way or Another". However, tracks like "Heart of Glass" show the more danceable side the band would come to embrace that brought them increasing commercial success. Interestingly enough, Blondie recently put out two solid new singles that prove that age can't hold you back, especially if you're Debbie Harry.

Natalie Doggett

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