Weekday Wayback: Sonic Youth- Goo

Known for its album cover designed by Raymond Pettibon who also designed the Black Flag logo, Goo proved to the world that punk wasn't dead but rather reborn. Sonic Youth's sixth album was released in June of 1990. Lead single "Kool Thing" features Chuck D of Public Enemy, which has to be the most interesting intersection of artists from the 90s. Other notable tracks include "Tunic (Song for Karen)" imagines Karen Carpenter no longer suffering from anorexia and befriending Janis Joplin and Elvis as well as "Dirty Boots". This album marks the shift in the sound of rock; the 80s were a decade that featured many bands who strived for a sound that could reverberate through a packed stadium, while the 90s were when bands went for a grittier sound suited for more intimate venues like CBGB. If you want an insider's look at all things Sonic Youth, it is worth your while to read Kim Gordon's 2015 memoir Girl in a Band that has drawn comparisons to Patti Smith's Just Kids for its candor in her commentary on being a woman in the music industry. Sonic Youth is disbanded but it's always great to appreciate the gems in their discography like Goo.

Natalie Doggett

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