Weekday Wayback: Elvis Costello- My Aim is True

Given my wit and the maternal influences on my music preferences, it makes sense that I would feature Elvis Costello for Weekday Wayback. My Aim is True was Costello's first album, recorded and released in 1976. My Aim is True introduced listeners to what would become Costello's trademark snark paired with a hip interpretation of what it meant to be post-punk. Stealing Buddy Holly's signature glasses and adding a skinny tie, Costello gets bitter in "Alison" from which the album derives it's title as he sings, "I think somebody better put out the big light because I can't stand to see you this way," at the woman who spurned his advances. This snarky bitterness is a trend that has continued throughout his career that never wears on the listener. Luckily for fans, he is still making music. In 2013, he released Wise Up Ghost with The Roots, which is such a cool collaboration. All we can hope for is for Costello to keep it up with his snark and musical stylings for many more years to come.

Natalie Doggett

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